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Did you know that the protection of the water meter and water services from damage and/or freezing is the homeowner’s responsibility?  If your home is used as a seasonal home, during the winter months it is critical that the meter be left in a heated location to prevent freezing.  Should the water meter and/or water service freeze, the homeowner is responsible for paying for replacement of the water meter and other damaged, frozen equipment and piping as well as all water consumption.                                                                  

To avoid such an unfortunate incident you may want to take advantage of the seasonal services offered by the Harwich Water Department.  If you will be away from the property for an extended time, we recommend that this seasonal service be performed. The cost for this service is $45.00.  This charge is billed on your regular water bill, twice per year.

For more information, please visit or contact our office at 508-432-0304.

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